Origo hf., ID. 530292-2079, Borgartúni 37, 105 Reykjavík (also referred to as „the company“ and „us“) emphasizes on ensuring the reliability, confidentiality, and security of personal data that the company processes. This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about Origo’s processing of personal data, i.e., what personal data the company stores and for what purposes. This Privacy Policy only applies when Origo processes personal data as the controller as defined by Act no. 90/2018 on the Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data („Data Protection Act“), e.g., when Origo processes personal data regarding individuals who conclude business with the company, contacts who represent legal entities in business with the company or job applicants applying for a job at the company. This Privacy Policy does not apply to Origo’s processing of personal data performed in relation to IT services provided to legal entities. In such circumstances, Origo’s customer is the controller for the processing of personal data, while Origo acts as the processor on behalf of the customer, and Origo processes such data based on a data processing agreement with the customer. Origo has appointed a Data Protection Officer who supervises that the company fulfills its obligations according to the applicable Data Protection Act, cf. Chapter 7 of this Policy.


Origo´s Privacy Policy